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 Kids & Family Yoga

What is Kids & Family Yoga?

During a Kids/Family Yoga session, we explore traditional yoga poses through games, stories, music, yoga journeys and more. We also practice breathing techniques in a fun, child-centred way and every session is ended with a beautiful relaxation, either to music or as a guided relaxation.  It is a great way to breathe, connect and exercise together whilst having a lot of fun.

So Why Do Kids & Family Yoga?

In this modern society, filled with the wonders and immediate gratification of technology and with the demands of schooling from such a young age, children move less and worry more.


 A lot of time is spent slumped in front of the TV, hunched over the Ipad or smart phone and slouched in front of computer games or the playstation. Once children start school, they are expected to sit still and learn at their desks or sitting still and quietly during carpet time. Generally speaking, less time is spent outdoors playing, running, climbing, skipping, spinning, tumbling, rolling down grassy banks and basically being free.

 Children need to move. They need to run and jump and skip and climb and play and exercise. Research has shown that those children who do not have a strong core, tend to fidget more and have lower levels of concentration in the classroom. Exercise and movement are vital in building a strong core.

One form of exercise that is extremely beneficial to children is yoga. During a yoga session, the children bend forwards and backwards, they twist and side bend, stretch, strengthen and balance and they will even spend some time upside down.


All of these movements help to:

* Develop a strong back and tummy

* Activate the vestibular system (your sense of balance)

* Activate the proprioceptive system, creating a good sense of body and spatial awareness.

Many of the asanas (or poses) in yoga involve crossing the imaginary midline. This midline divides the body vertically into left and right. Any movement or activity that allows the crossing of right into left and vice versa is amazing for bi-lateral communication; in other words, getting the two hemispheres of the brain communicating effectively.

During a yoga session, time is also spent concentrating on breath and relaxation. Learning to take slow, deep breaths is an important skill to teach children so that they are provided with tools to help them cope with and manage stress and anxiety, something which seems to be more and more
prevalent these days. Teaching children how to truly relax is so important in our ‘rat-race’ environment.


Yoga also creates a sense of respect for the body, it increases self-confidence and self-awareness. Children’s yoga can also nurture creativity and compassion. Children are encouraged to co-create the class and work together as a whole team. Yoga classes for children are FUN, although time is spent learning asanas, breath work and mindfulness, this is often done with yoga journeys, yoga games, music, drama, acrobatics and partner work.

Let’s get our children moving more. Yes, there is a time for Minecraft and movies, but not at the expense of exercising and all the wonderful benefits it brings to our children’s wellbeing.