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Baby Yoga

What Is Baby Yoga?

In these baby yoga classes, the emphasis is very much on yoga asanas (poses) and movements for your baby. It is an active class and each week we introduce a new yoga routine while allowing plenty of time to practice what we learnt in previous weeks. Babies learn through repetition. Each week there is a different theme with lots of singing during the class, which allows us to positively interact with our baby. Singing also makes the routines easier to remember!


We lift, dip, swing, stretch, roll and rock our babies.


There are also some lovely yoga inspired stretches and some focused breathing for parents to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, allowing us to rest and relax.

 So Why Do Baby Yoga?

Baby yoga shares many benefits with baby massage. It can help to

* relieve digestive issues such as constipation and trapped wind

* tone the digestive system

* mobilise the hip and shoulder joints

* strengthen baby's neck muscles

* strengthen baby's core muscles (both abdomen and back muscles)

* activate and stimulate baby's vestibular (sense of balance) system

* develop baby's language skills as we sing a lot during class

* strengthen the bonding process between parent and baby

* promote sleep through active play


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